We are a management consulting firm focused on enabling firms of all sizes to leverage their most valuable asset - the customer!

FuseLine and our Listen • Connect • Grow methodology fuses customer, market and employee insight into your company strategy to ensure success and growth in the market. Whether your goals include revenue growth in existing or new markets, improved operational efficiency and margin, a new focus on customer experience or making change management an operational reality, FuseLine can help. Our firm and trusted partners take an "outside-in" approach to predict, measure and manage risk and opportunity, ensure that your organization embraces the insight from key constituents, and connects with your strategy to improve your success in execution.

Our three practice areas are defined by our years of expertise, experience and passion for great companies and great customers!

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Customer Experience Management

The hardest thing for companies to copy is the customer experience that you create. It's your single most valuable competitive advantage. Differentiation based on customer experience is more sustainable than differentiation based on other factors, including product and price. We help clients differentiate in the marketplace by building a strong customer experience.

Our approach begins with listening, to gain a clear understanding as to what your most profitable customers value, how they define a great customer experience, what they think of your organization and what would increase their loyalty and advocacy. We discover what helps or hinders your organization and translate this insight into a detailed plan as to how your organization can deliver an exceptional and truly differentiated customer experience while meeting your business objectives.

Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement

We build relationships and communities that strengthen your brand, expand and inspire a loyal customer base, and drive up revenues and profits. Loyal customers spend more with companies that treat them well, cost less to serve, refer more business, and invest their time to help the company improve. We create Customer Advocacy, Customer Retention, and Executive Facilitation Programs that drive competitive advantage and translate into bottom line growth.



Go to Market Strategy and Execution

We translate company strategy into effective go to market execution, creating new and incremental value for your customers, and increased benefit to your organization.

Integrating the customer into the Go to Market process is critical in developing and refining strategy. Once we have a complete understanding of the customer's requirements and successful outcomes, clear objectives have been defined, we develop a detailed plan to meet customer expectations and your business objectives. One thing that all successful launches deliver is value to customers as well as benefit to your organization. Connecting customer insight to your sales, product or solutions strategy will ensure your go-to-market strategy will deliver value and accelerated market adoption..

Customer Segmentation and Customer Insight Analysis

Your customers are your most valuable asset. We help you acquire and grow more profitable customers and manage the right set of resources to expand and keep a loyal customer base to drive revenues and profits. Each customer group may interact differently with your organization, and customer value is influenced by the cost to acquire, serve and retain each customer. We focus on identifying and investing in the customers, segments and solutions that provide the greatest return for your company.



M&A Integration

Companies often fail at delivering the value from an acquisition principally due to a lack of focus on the key drivers that led to the original acquisition strategy. Focusing on cost synergies alone will not get your combined organization moving ahead attaining the aspirational goals the CEO has developed for the new organization. Combining cultures by posting on the walls of your office (or virtual office) fancy new slogans about your new mission will not drive lasting and truly integrated teams and companies. FuseLine and our methodology for company integrations takes our "outside-in" approach and applies it to enable a successful integration achieving the strategic, financial, operation, and most importantly people goals of the combined entity.

Operational Change

"Adapt or die." Often cited, never truly understood. Change and the phases of change create uncertainty, pose a real threat to the financial success of your business, and most undoubtedly leave lasting ill effect with your employees and possibly your customers. FuseLine methodology for supporting corporate change programs drives a the heart of the change process, the vision for change, the steps necessary, and holistically ensures all employees are actively engaged.




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